SEC announces additional cross-division opponents, new home and road schedules

The SEC announced additional cross-division opponents for the 2020 college football season Friday.

These games complete the home and road schedules for each school in a season that is scheduled to begin Sept. 26.

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Here is a look at each SEC team’s updated 2020 opponents, with new games, previously scheduled home games and previously scheduled road and neutral-site games. The full schedule will be released at a later date.

2020 SEC college football schedule 

SEC East


New games: vs. Arkansas, at Texas A&M
Home games: Kentucky, South Carolina, LSU, Missouri
Road games: Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, LSU
Neutral-site games: Georgia 


New games: at Arkansas, vs. Mississippi State
Home games: Auburn, Vanderbilt, Tennesse
Road games: Missouri, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama 
Neutral-site games: Florida


New games: at Alabama, vs. Ole Miss
Home games: South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Georgia 
Road games: Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, Missouri


New games: vs. Alabama, at LSU
Home games: Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Vanderbilt
Road games: Florida, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Tennesssee

South Carolina

New games: vs. Auburn, at Ole Miss
Home games: Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas A&M
Road games: Florida, Kentucky, LSU, Vanderbilt


New games: at Auburn, vs. Texas A&M
Home games: Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri
Road games: Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Vanderbilt


New games: vs. LSU, at Mississippi State
Home games: Florida, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Tennessee
Road games: Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Texas A&M

SEC West


New games: vs. Kentucky, at Missouri
Home games: Auburn, Georgia, Mississippi State, Texas A&M
Road games: Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee 


New games: at Florida, vs. Georgia
Home games: Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee
Road games: Auburn, Mississippi State, Missouri
Neutral-site games: Texas A&M


New games: at South Carolina, vs. Tennessee
Home games: Arkansas, Kentucky, LSU, Texas A&M
Road games: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi State, Ole Miss


New games: at Vanderbilt, vs. Missouri
Home games: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Mississippi State
Road games: Arkansas, LSU, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt

Ole Miss

New games: at Kentucky, vs. South Carolina
Home games: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Mississippi State
Road games: Arkansas, LSU, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt

Mississippi State

New games: at Georgia, vs. Vanderbilt
Home games: Arkansas, Auburn, Missouri, Texas A&M
Road games: Alabama, Kentucky, LSU, Ole Miss

Texas A&M

New games: vs. Florida, at Tennessee
Home games: LSU, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt
Road games: Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State, South Carolina
Neutral-site games: Arkansas