Karena Rosario : TrueCrime

Single Latina “impressionable” Female……

Oh Karena, so I very much believe you can have the courage to finally speak up….

I’m sure you have even a fraction of remorse, and any inclination you have to make this right is overshadowed by your fear of the threat made to you and your family; however living in fear gets you and your family nowhere, except under the thumb of a narcissist. You need your family’s support, you need to be open with them and obtain their blessing, or else this really will be your life for the rest of your life.

This was planned, offered to you as an option, and you accepted out of extreme anger and jealousy- a picture was painted that you bought into. However the coordinator, and the perpetuator(s) are more directly responsible- you are, in a way, also a victim.

We dated a true narcissist that planned this. The latino who cannot be identified is well known to him.

You have the power to help initiate healing and justice. You have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders.

I know you will make the right choice. You can do this Karena. We all know why you continue to say nothing and continue to stay in close proximity to your family.

Don’t let your ex narcissist believe he truly has control. In the end, if it’s truly going “down,” you can make it happen.