‘Every freaking rally’: Ilhan Omar blasts ‘neglected child’ Trump for continually insulting her

Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar called Donald Trump a “neglected child,” after he once again attacked her, claiming that she doesn’t love America, at his campaign rally in Michigan on Friday.

In an hour-long speech to a crowd in Waterford Township, Michigan, Mr Trump said a Biden presidency would see Michigan turn into a refugee camp with “unlimited migration from deadly war zones and terrorist havens.”

The president brought up Ms Omar in his usual freewheeling style: “A 700 per cent increase in refugees from the most dangerous terror hot spots anywhere in the world, including Syria, Somalia… where Omar… Omar, that’s the other reason I’m going to win. Ilhan Omar.”

He added, sarcastically: “She loves our country very much.”

“She’s gonna help me win. She’s going to protest when I go up there, and I’ll say ‘thank you very much — every time you protest it’s going to add about 25 per cent to the vote’,” he continued. “She’s telling us how to run our country, and she doesn’t love our country.”

President Trump also said that the lawmaker, part of the “Squad” of progressive women in Congress, was one reason he would win the election.

Congresswoman Omar responded to Mr Trump’s comments on Twitter shortly after, writing: “Every freaking rally, seriously this is getting old and reeks of desperation. He is like a neglected child obsessing over being loved. Pathetic.”

President Trump has used a similar line before to attack Congresswoman Omar, while she has expressed concern that he is holding a rally in her state during a pandemic with no social distancing, no mask requirement, and no contact tracing.

On Friday Minnesota health officials announced a second record-breaking number of new cases of Covid-19, with more than 3,100 positive test results. Eighteen deaths were reported.

“The president is a threat to public health,” she tweeted.

The RealClear Politics polling average for Michigan and Minnesota are currently in favour of Joe Biden by 6.5 per cent and 4.7 per cent, respectively.