Dorenda L Long unsolved murder. Strangled in Los Angeles area, late 78-79. Possible victim of hillside Stranglers? : TrueCrime

While my mother was in high school a friend of hers named Dorenda L. Long was found strangled and dumped off the side of the road. Her mother said she left the house and got into a vehicle with unknown suspect(s). Within a few days her body was discovered in plain view. She’d been strangled and raped. My mother says her murder was never solved. I can’t find and news reports or articles regarding her death. She was a high school student at Centennial high in Compton, California. According to my mother she was murdered in 78 or 79. Is anyone familiar with this case? The incident still upsets my mother and she wonders if the perpetrator(s) were ever found. I’m wondering if she is a victim of the Hillside Stranglers that was over looked by law enforcement.


Crime may have occurred in 77-79.