Dolphins seen playing off the coast near Haifa

A pod of dolphins was pictured and videotaped off the coast of Haifa, in the Mediterranean sea. 

Dolphins playing off the coast of Haifa

The pod was seen playing and swimming next to the boat of Oren Solomon, who took videos and pictures of the Dolphins early Saturday morning.
Beaches in Israel have been designated as important and protected habitats for dolphins, in accordance with the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The spotting of dolphins in the Haifa area has also become a frequent occurence, as weeks earlier a single Mediterranean dolphin, scientifically known as the common bottlenose dolphin or tursiops truncatus, was seen on Saturday around noon by several yachts at the Haifa Bay, according to a press release by the Israeli Marine Mammal Research and Assistance Center (IMMRAC.)

The common Mediterranean dolphin is the most popular and recognizable dolphin species among those living along Israel’s coastline and the most well-known species of the family delphinidae. It mostly inhabits temperate and tropical oceans, and is absent only from polar waters. 

Tobias Siegal contributed to this report.