Coronavirus: In 10 days, all assisted living residents will be vaccinated

In about 10 days, Israel will be the first nation in the world to have vaccinated all of its elderly citizens in senior and assisted living homes, Magen David Adom said.The organization has begun giving the second dose of coronavirus vaccinations to the elderly in these homes, through a program dubbed Magen Avot V’Imahot that is run by the Health Ministry.Last week, MDA gave approximately 150,000 first-round vaccinations to workers and residents in these facilities. MDA said that its staff went through special training in order to give out vaccinations in an efficient and qualitative way.”Sheltered housing and nursing homes – the dear parents, grandparents of all of us, are very soon, after a year of isolation – are expected to return to their daily routine and the enjoyment of life,” said MDA Executive Director Eli Bin. “They will be able to meet their grandchildren and return to their routine activities.”He added that, “This is an important day when seniors, take the second and final step on the road to being vaccinated and protected.”